Yesterday our team headed to Pastor Gaetan’s to host a clinic and spend time with the 30 kids we support.

These kids have been abandoned by their parents. However, they now have a loving place to grow up, a community that will protect them, and a possibility to do great things in life.

Something was different when I arrived this time. The kids knew my name! Usually they hug me or give me a fist bump, and don’t get me wrong, we had plenty of hugs and fist bumps. But this time, they would say,  “alo, Chris Marlow.”

This blew my mind… In a good way!

These moments are also scary. Our medical team spent a lot of time, and raised money to come so they could help…what if no one showed up?

I opened the gate, and the first thing I saw was a long line ready for the clinic to open!

So we spent the next seven hours in the blazing heat, under a tent-city school, loving on a group of people who simply cannot get consistent access to healthcare.

We also hung out with our kids, played soccer, and spent time writing letters to their child sponsors.

It was a beautiful reminder of God’s Kingdom in action through simple acts of love and kindness!