Yes, Haiti has lots of issues. I can spend a lot of time sharing all “those” stories.

It get’s old.

If only people knew the other Haiti.

Today I was walking down a long dirt road. A teenager stopped me and told me I’m a good man who is doing good work for his country.

Over and over, he thanked me.

The good man.

Some members from our team had been working construction all morning. They decided to sit down under a tree and rest. Soon, families from the community begin to chat with them. Eventually, a nearby family made fresh coffee and brought some for the whole team to enjoy!

I could go on and on about all the good things about Haiti.

  • Have you seen the mountains?
  • Have you see the oceans?
  • Have you seen the art?
  • Have you tasted the food?

This is the Haiti I remember when I return home. This is the Haiti that I want to tell the world about.


– Chris Marlow