My heart is truly broken.

I’ve just read multiple articles on human trafficking in Haiti. Some kids are being sold for $1.20.

What the … Okay, that’s kind of how I feel. ANGRY.

I love the kids of Haiti. I love Haiti. I truly believe that most Haitians are amazing people who are trying to do good, live, serve each other and survive.

I also believe that kids cannot be vulnerable. This is why we rescue orphans! They can’t be on their own, they need a community to watch over them, love them, protect them and ensure that they are safe.

Next week, HELP will lead a team of abolitionists from Austin New Church, The River Conference, Soma Austin and NewSong Church.( FYI: These churches and organizations are AMAZING and on mission.) Our goal is to pray, listen, learn and determine how we can fight trafficking in Haiti and care for orphans.

After reading article after article, after article, my heart is broken and my motivation is high.

In Isaiah, God gets upset at his people, because his people worship without serving the poor and the oppressed. God calls them to SEEK justice and CORRECT oppression! God calls His people to action. God calls His people to respond. God calls His people to Go.

So, next week we will get on a plane, we will leave the comforts of home and the smiles of our families and friends, and we will enter in the Haitian story – the good and the bad. We will do whatever it takes to help solve this problem. We will do whatever it takes to rescue more orphans, we will do whatever it takes to partner with local churches and ministries (if we can find them, it’s truly been hard for whatever reason) to fight human-trafficking!

The story of the Good Samaritan reveals so much. We all need to stop and respond when we see suffering. We must be willing to cross the street (or fly across the world) and pick up those who have been beaten and broken and take them to a place of comfort. We must be willing to use our money to make it happen. This is justice; gospel justice. Taking what’s broken and making it right, or better.

We wait for the coming of full shalom. That moment when all tears will disappear. But right now – tears are flowing, suffering is real and horror exists. The world is deeply broken and redemption is needed.

So we wait. Wait for wholeness. But until then we seek justice. Seeking justice is the tissue that is needed. Justice corrects the issue, dries the eyes and gives the broken victim the ability to move forward.