During my last trip to Zim, one of the many kids who stole my heart was Gugulethu. He is such a sweet, smart, funny little boy…and there’s no doubt that everyone at Musha Wevana LOVES him!! Shortly after I got back from Zim I began sponsoring him through Help One Now.

Needless to say, I couldn’t wait to see Gugu again during this trip! From the minute we got there I began scanning all the little faces looking for that familiar smile and those bright little eyes. It was so good to see him and hold him again…

During one of our afternoons at Musha Wevana, I got to hear more about Gugu’s story.

His father kicked his mother and older brother out of the house when Gugu was just a baby. Shortly after, Gugu’s father abandoned him at the market. People noticed a child there with no parents seemingly around, so they took him to the hospital. After the hospital checked him out they gave him to social services, who then brought him to Musha Wevana. Meanwhile, Gugu’s mom tried to go back and get Gugu but his father told her he was dead. She went back to Harare with her older son, and with the assumption that sweet Gugu was gone forever. She later got word that Gugu might still be alive, and managed to trace his steps back to Musha Wevana. She showed up at Musha just a few months ago looking for her son. They said Gugu knew immediately that it was his mom, even though he hadn’t seen her since he was a baby! His mom and older brother still live in Harare, about 60 miles away from Musha Wevana. She feels like she’s too poor and unable to give Gugu the best care, so she went back to Harare without her sweet boy…

The people at Musha Wevana know that it would definitely be better for Gugu to live with his mother. So they hope to keep in contact with her, and maybe someday soon Gugu will be reunited with his family. I can’t imagine what Gugu’s mom must be feeling… and I wonder if Gugu understood why his mom came back and then left again… It breaks my heart every time I hear one of these kid’s stories… They are all so sweet and so precious. And believe me, I asked plenty of questions about the possibility of bringing Gugu home with me! 🙂

As hard as it is to think about Gugu leaving Musha Wevana, I do pray that he can be reunited with his mother and brother.

For more information on how you can sponsor a child at Musha Wevana, visit the Help One Now website.