Garage Sale For Orphans—a phrase Help One Now promotes with great pride.

Think about how many times you’ve said,

“We have too much STUFF.”


“There’s so much junk lying around!”

Now think about countries where excess is not an option and sustainability is rare. These are some of the communities we hope to help by simplifying our own lives.

So, what is a Garage Sale for Orphans? A GS4O is exactly what it sounds like.  You host a garage sale and donate the proceeds to one of our projects that benefits orphans.


By selling your excess stuff, you can actually build a home for a widow and her children in Uganda.  You can pay for a teacher’s salary in Haiti for an entire year.  You can even help build a Preschool for children that were rescued from trafficking.

Here’s the thing: it’s legit.  I recently returned from our community in Mayuge, Uganda.  While visiting His Mercy Christian School, a school started by our local leader, Edward Magumba, I was lucky enough to hear personal testimonies from teachers.

“I can finally afford to provide for my family,” the headmaster said.

Somewhere in America, someone had a garage sale.  And from that point on, it actually improved the quality of someone’s life.

Laura Tremaine traveled with a group of bloggers to our anti-trafficking village in Ferrier, Haiti.  Upon returning home, she knew she wanted to do something for the village that had touched her heart.  She organized a GS4O  and raised $4,017.00! She and her husband were so moved that they matched this donation.  A total of $8,034.00 went to help children that were rescued from trafficking.tremaine gs4o signMarianne Pohl hosted a GS4O in 2013 with 36 other families.  She was moved to host a Garage Sale as she and her husband reflected on what more they could do for their sponsored child in Drouin, Haiti.  Her reaction? She was so moved by the success of her community that she will be hosting another one in gs4oGS4O encourages members of our tribe to come together, live simply, and help.

Whether your goal is $50 or $5,000 (like this upcoming GS4O) you have the chance to come together with friends, neighbors and family members to truly impact another. Go to Garage Sale for Orphans to register your upcoming GS4O today!