The tent is coming down.

Perhaps I should back up.

After the earthquake destroyed the community school building, Pastor Gaetan had a school built on his property.  Now, by “school”, I mean a four-room, open-sided tent, and by “on his property”, I mean set into the side of large hill.  That was dug out by hand.  Specifically, by one man’s hand (and a pickax).


Whatever you do, do not call the Haitians a lazy people.

Soon, there were 150 students that called that their lekòl.

Pastor Gaetan knew that those students needed more, that they needed a safer structure and more space for even more students.  The writers on the Help One Now Bloggers Trip were inspired, the Legacy Project was born and was successful, and now, a school is being built even as you read this.

Construction starts with destruction.

The tent is coming down.

We have officially broken ground on the Legacy Project.  Nearly 100 Haitian workers are using Haitian materials to build a school for Yahve Shamma and the children of Petionville.  On September 2, 2013, when they are finished, when the walls are up, the roof secure, the desks and pencils and chalkboards arranged, Pastor Gaetan’s wish will come true.  Over 200 lekòl timoun yo will attend.  Every year, 200 school children will make friends, play games, have crushes.  Most importantly, they will eat a hot meal and receive life-transforming education, education that will change not just their lives but the entire country of Haiti.

The tent is coming down.

It is indeed.