We have great news to share! A local church in South Africa has donated the exact funds needed to build a storeroom and office building in Maubane!

concrete-1024x614concreteThe Maubane Rivoningo Transformation Centre badly needs an office and storeroom. The #TenDollarTribe will be able to provide things like tables, chairs, and other study and play items, but the Centre first needs a secure place to store everything. The need is so pressing that Take Action, our partners in South Africa, had a contractor come out to prepare the plans so they would know exactly the funding the building project would require, despite having no way to pay for the building. Jonna Fey, with Take Action, explains what happened next:

“The #TenDollarTribe, based in the United States, has been raising funds to run programs that will feed, care for, educate and train the orphaned and vulnerable children of Maubane who come to the centre. The Tribe has been joined in their efforts by 3Ci Church, in Pretoria South Africa. The same week that a contractor went to Maubane to make plans for a much needed office and storeroom, a donation from 3Ci was given for the full amount of the building costs. From this building, the feeding, caring, educating and training funded by the #TenDollarTribe – South Africa will be carried out more effectively. ‘The church is a borderless movement, all who are created in God’s image matter.’- Chris Marlow”

We are so happy that 3Ci joined our efforts to serve our partners and friends in Maubane. The Rivoningo Transformation Centre will get their office and storeroom, and the #TenDollarTribe will be able to outfit it with the supplies they need. It is great to see different organizations work together to support Maubane and Reagoboka! (Click here for more information on how you can join the #TenDollarTribe and be part of the impact.)