We are excited to have a new friend at Help One Now – a church plant in Oxford, Alabama called Life Church. They will be hosting their first Garage Sale for Orphans party on April 26th.  They like it because it’s simple.  Life Church is passionate about caring for orphans AND caring for their community… GS4O allows them to confront injustice AND get the word out about their new church.  Dawn Holcomb will be leading up their efforts, so we’ve asked her a few questions.

HON:  Tell us a little about your church and how many people you think will be involved in Garage Sale for Orphans.

DH:  I am a member of Life Church in Oxford, AL. We are a new church with about 100 members. We are just beginning to get involved in an Ends of the Earth ministry. I believe we will have a great percentage of our membership involved in our yard sales! I would guess about 75% of our people will get involved in some way.

HON:  Will you be doing the sale together at one location or will you be at different locations throughout the community with multiple sales?

DH:  We will have 5 or 6 separate yard sales; all on the same day, in different locations throughout our community.

HON:  What project are you going to fund?

DH:  Our church will get behind the prevention of child trafficking by supporting Ferrier Village in Haiti.  We have a lot of our membership that has a heart to get involved in this growing problem.

HON:  What was the most appealing thing about Garage Sales for Orphans that made your church decide to do this?

DH:  To be honest what appealed to our church the most is how easy it would be. We are just getting started in our missions ministry and we want our people to really get involved… not just write a check if you know what I mean. This just seemed like a very good first step that almost every one could get in and get their hands dirty. Everyone cleans their house out at spring and usually takes what they don’t want to Goodwill. Now we can use our “junk” to help in the fight against human trafficking.

HON: We understand that you have known Johnny Carr since the first grade… was he always this nerdy?


What if Doing Good was simple?
Well, it is.