Ok, friends, we have a proposition. There are currently 144 million orphans in the world. Millions, live alone — streets, dumps, parks, and fields!

We don’t think this is right — we want to change this, and we need your help!

Here’s what we are proposing. On April 17th, 2010, we asking you to throw a garage sale party! 100% if all proceeds will go towards building an orphanage in Zimbabwe and Haiti.

Sell: Get a group of friends, family and or your faith community/small group together, donate items that you don’t want, need or are willing to give up and sell those items.

Give: Give the proceeds to the garage sale to HELP. We will use that money to build an orphanage in Marendera, Zimbabwe and Haiti.

HELP: We can help end local poverty, by rescuing kids from homelessness. You can show an orphan love, by sacrificing one day, and a few items!

We would love to have many communities, and multiple states throwing a garage sale party on the same day, however if you can’t do it on April 17th, can you throw a garage sale party anytime.

Let’s do this, together we can change the lives of real kids, who have real needs, and we can give them real hope!