Garage Sales for Orphans, or GS4O’s, have long been a core fundraiser of Help One Now. We believe in the idea of redeeming our excess by throwing a garage sale party and sending the proceeds to a Help One Now project. Over the past few years, hundreds of people and churches have partnered with us; their excess raised nearly $500,000! Homes have been built, clean water projects have been constructed, playgrounds have been given to communities—all because people like you decided to donate their time and the extra stuff they had laying about their home. We think this year will be the biggest one ever for our Garage Sales For Orphans initiative, and we are working to provide the best tools to help you accomplish that. We are launching our brand-new, refreshed website with new logos, tools, and resources to help you have the best GS4O possible. There are links to our new 2015 fundraisers in every country we serve, from Peru to Haiti to Uganda. Will you redeem your excess in 2015?  Send us an email to or fill out the form here.  We cannot wait to partner with you!