Four churches recently joined together to host a Garage Sale for Orphans party! This city-wide, community collaboration was birthed after Pastors and church leaders from the Raleigh area attended a vision trip to Haiti and were inspired to bring their city together to fight human trafficking.

It was amazing to see the effort and energy of so many communities rally together, redeem their excess and donate the proceeds to directly impact a projects. In all, over 70 small groups participated! The teamwork and bonding experience in each group was priceless, and the overall fellowship and engagement for everyone involved was extremely impactful.

This Garage Sale for Orphans event was the most successful in history, raising just over $20,000!

When planning this event, we had no idea that we would be two weeks removed from rescuing 19 children. But as God always, does, He went before us, was faithful, and provided!

We have spoken with our leaders on the ground, and have decided based on current needs that we will use $9,000 to care for the basic needs of the rescued children for 2 months (until we are able to get them sponsored), and $11,000 to build home #6. As you have hopefully seen, we currently have 5 homes, a water well, a community center and a kitchen.

Needless to say, lives are being changed, children now have hope and a community is being transformed!