Hi Friends! I want to let you know about something that is really close to my heart. I have joined @helponenow in their mission to empower families through their initiative called “Launch Hope.” Launch Hope is a family business program where families in need can receive training, and resources to start their own business. This program has transformed many lives and communities, and I am so excited to be a part of it!  If you want to join me in empowering families  – you can find the link to my personal fundraiser at the link in my bio. 

@HelpOneNow with high capacity local leaders to create true transformation around the world. They empower 100,000 families and end extreme poverty in their lives by the end of 2030. And let me tell you – this is a vision I want to be a part of. That is why I started my very own fundraiser that will directly support families in developing countries. If you would like to join me in contributing to empower these families, or simply learn more about the work Help One Now does – click the link in my bio! 






Why Entrepreneurship?


Our Business Launch Program shifts the narrative; it helps keep struggling families together.

To date, we have enrolled over 1,000 families in our Business Launch Program in Ethiopia, Haiti, Uganda, Belize, Dominican Republic, Peru, and Zimbabwe with an average increased income of approximately 642% — and many of these families now have 2-3 years of self-sufficiency under their belt! Not only does the program help families to thrive, but it ripples outward into the community as families grow their businesses, create even more jobs, and pour into the local economy.

Need More Info?

Contact and we will get you the info and resources you need!