Five minutes after I sent this tweet…


I got this text from Jean Alix’s Paul…one of our main partners in Haiti.

Hey Chris, how are your doing? _ with a team from __ is drilling a well in Ferrier, but they don’t have enough money to buy the hand-pump which will cost $875. Can you help?
Jean Alix Paul

Now, if you don’t know Jean Alix, please know this: He has never asked us for money before. This is a first, and I consider it a privilege that he would trust me enough to ask for help. Of course, H.E.L.P. does not just have un-designated funds laying around. So, I’m going to ask you to help Jean Alix finish this well and provide clean water for a community in Ferrier, Haiti.

If you can donate (any amount) we would be grateful. We need $1000 to complete this project. (which includes PayPal fees and wire fees)

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Or send a check to:

Help End Local Poverty
PO Box 26716
Raleigh NC 27611

Write in memo: Ferrier Clean Water Project

Thanks for investing in Haiti and H.E.L.P. We truly appreciate your support!

** All donations have tax-deductible. If you donate through Paypal, you will get a receipt automatically email to you for your records.