Born and raised in California, I was somewhat of a normal kid, I guess. My mom was amazing and beautiful and broken. She deserved better, but she always married men who had no clue what it meant to be a man.

That’s the story of my father, a Vietnam veteran-biker type. He sported a “duck dynasty” beard and a violent temper. But, as an eight year old, I had not met nor did I have any memories of him.

Then one day the doorbell rang.  I opened the door to a stranger with a baseball bat and a glove. It was an eight year old boy’s dream.

He introduced himself as my “dad.” Within the hour, I was playing baseball in a park with my real father.  He and my mom remarried and for three years, he was in my life. Then, the news came that he and my mom would once again divorce. That summer, he lived near us and we actually did a road trip for 2 months across California, Arizona, Nevada and Oregon.

He dropped me off at home after a few months on the road. His last words to me were, “I’ll pick you up on Saturday.”  Sadly, that Saturday never came. Weeks turned into months and months turned into decades. Once again, I was a fatherless boy!

I never heard from my father.  I will never know why, I have never sought answers and I’m not one to hold a grudge. But, if I had to be honest, I know that decision made a huge impact on my life.

Boys and girls need a dad. In America and across the world, they need love, protection and provision. Society simply cannot function properly when men fail to do their responsibilities.

Fortunately, God is a God of redemption and restoration and he uses the church to fill the gaps. He clearly calls us to love and care for the Fatherless.  That is my story. Men, called by God, stepped into to play various roles and help me grow and learn — this is what redemption looks like in a broken world.

The crisis:

Globally, there is an estimated 143-200+ million orphans in the world,  meaning in this case a child who has no father. In most places in the world, when you don’t have a father, you don’t have much of a opportunity. It’s tragic and frustrating.

After I met a abandoned, starving boy at a gas station in Zimbabwe in 2007, the Help One Now tribe has been caring for the fatherless.  Just a few weeks ago, we rescued 19 kids who are all fatherless. A few were slaves and some had been trafficked, but now they are no longer hurting or lonely. While they don’t have their birth fathers, they are now adopted by the local community and they will have leadership, guidance and mentors for the rest of their lives.

This week, we will celebrate Father’s Day.  One way that we can honor our fathers or just help those who are fatherless is by helping these 19 kids in Haiti.

Maybe you have been blessed with a good father. Maybe you have not and you know that life was that much harder.  But, you also want to give back and make a difference.

We need you;  they need you. With love, grace and peace, let’s make a difference in the the lives of these 19 kids.

We have two ways for you to bless the fatherless this week.

A one time donation of $40. This will help cover the immediate cost of the day to day needs of these 19 kids: food, clothing, medicine, and shelter.
You will commit to loving the fatherless and being involved in their lives long-term. We need 80 people to say, “Yes, I will fill the gaps, and sponsor a child who has been orphaned.”

This Father’s Day, we can give hope and love. This is how we help and make a difference.

Thank you.