Help One Now’s second annual Family Empowerment Day is coming up on Tuesday, May 7th, 2019. We are celebrating 10 years of doing good by raising $250,000 in one day for Family Empowerment. Our business training and mentorship program is designed to give families the tools to thrive, and have a positive effect on their communities.

Hear from our Founder and CEO, Chris Marlow, about why Family Empowerment Day is so important to Help One Now!

Family Empowerment Day is a chance for our community to come together and make an impact. Through your generosity, advocacy, and commitment, we partner with local leaders to transform real lives and communities around the world. Together, we offer children and families a hope and a future.

How can you be involved?

  • We are asking YOU to give generously on this Family Empowerment Day! We have a big goal that matches our big dreams for this day and for this program.
  • In addition, we would love for you to share this moment with your friends! Invite them to our table and show them that we are an organization that is doing good work.
  • Join the advocacy team and be a key voice in inviting others to help families empower themselves out of poverty!
  • Also consider becoming a business sponsor to connect your brand, church, or company with doing good.

Join us on May 7th to get involved, and make the world a better place!