This year, you can help us to end strong and grow to serve even more communities and people in the years ahead! We have already accomplished so much together, and we know that we can do even more!

Help us finish 2017 strong!

Your gifts will help us move from serving 30,000+ people to over 50,000! Watch the videos below to see some of our biggest needs and the greatest areas of impact – Help One Classroom, Family Empowerment, and The Foundation.


We are currently providing fair wages and training for 60 teachers in 60 classrooms, with plans to double this in 2018. And through those teachers, over 3,000 students each school year are receiving a solid education! $3,000 covers 1 classroom for an entire school year. As education transforms communities and breaks the cycle of extreme poverty, we are bringing opportunity & hope to entire regions!

$3000 will sponsor one classroom, but any amount can impact hope for these kids and teachers!


Our Family Empowerment Program shifts the narrative; it helps keep struggling families together. Just $1,000 takes a family through a 7-step road to sustainability that ripples outward into the entire community. To date, we have enrolled over 200 families in our Family Empowerment Program in Ethiopia with an average increased income of 387% — and many of these families now have 2-3 years of self-sufficiency under their belt!

$1000 will empower one family, but any amount can impact hope for these families!


The Help One Now Foundation was created to fund the operational needs of running the organization, as well as fill in the gaps for our programs on the ground. This allows the Help One Now team to focus its fundraising efforts on funding the key initiatives for each of our communities and their leaders.