May 10th-17th, 2021


Just $25 a month educates a student and empowers a teacher!

Just $25 a month educates a student and empowers a teacher!

If children do not have access to education, the cycle of poverty will continue in developing communities. But together, we can make a difference. 

The Circle is a simple, proven solution to create sustainable impact around the world through education. Our vision is to collectively empower the hopes and dreams of students with quality education, helpful resources, and a community committed to their success. Your monthly generosity will create lasting impact in the lives of students, teachers, and families in developing communities. 

Join us this Circle Giving Week and let’s Empower the Futures of students together!

Education Impacts Generations

Education opens up opportunities for a child's future

Schools provide nutritious meals for healthy living

Education gives parents time to work, build healthy families and serve their communities



Your monthly gift will:

• Fund a Child’s Education

• Provide Nutritious Meals

• Support Teacher Salaries

• Upkeep School Campuses

We need your help more than ever to empower education and keep our schools open this fall. Due to COVID-19 school reopening requirements, we are in need of funds to help:

Hire new teachers to accommodate new class sizes

Retrofit facilities to ensure health and safety

Meet the growing demands of increased student enrollment

Joining the Circle today will help empower students, families and communities to thrive in the midst of crisis.


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