I wanted to take a moment to introduce some of our church partners over the course of the next few weeks. These churches are involved with us on various levels. They’re the fuel that keeps us going. We’re very grateful for their partnership in the gospel, and shared love for the orphan and the global poor.

Soma Austin: I love Soma, they do so much for the city of Austin and for HELP. They support our stateside operations monthly and (of course) they are our biggest partners for the Haiti: We Have Not Forgotten Campaign.

Plus, a few Soma leaders will be taking trips to Zimbabwe/South Africa with us this October. I love this church.

Soma is a young church plant, reaching one of the most difficult people groups in America – the 04 neighborhood in South Austin.

If you go to Soma, you will find young techies, typical Austin hippies, homeless friends, a lot of de-churched evangelicals, and such. Here’s what I love about Soma, they simply do community, it’s in their DNA to be together, challenge each other and serve Jesus by loving Austin and the globe!

I love it, and I love them…Thank you Soma friends for your partnership in the gospel and for the orphan!

Not sure where HELP would be without our friendship with Soma.