Austin New Church was one of our first monthly supporters. Again, this is one of my favorite churches, they don’t just teach living on mission, they live it.

Multiple times a year, they close the door on their Sunday gathering and do what’s called: “Serve Austin Sunday.” They’ve also launched Restore Austin. They meet in a hideous 1970’s trailer park (ish) building (with wood paneling) which totally fits their vibe and calling in South Austin. Basically, it’s not about Sunday, even though they have a great Sunday gathering!

They care deeply about poverty in Austin. One time I went to their church, and a homeless dude was rocking the drums!

They’re currently getting involved in human slavery/sex trafficking issues, they also work with local non-profits that serve Austin Kids, and they work in Ethiopia with Eden Forest Project. Plus, multiple families are in the process of adoption and they’re also planting new churches!

Like I said, they support us monthly, they sponsor kids, they bought t-shirts for Haiti, etc!

I love Austin New Church, and I’m grateful for their partnership!