Here is a quick snapshot of the original vision,  and a video with an expanded vision.

10 days till Christmas. Time continues to move quickly; Holiday parties, shopping, gift wrapping, travel, etc!…whoops, I forgot about the eggnog and the other “cool” holiday Starbucks coffee-drinks.   Through the busyness of day-to-day life, the HELP tribe has been able to raise $4000 for our Christmas Fundraiser. We only need $1200 more to fully fund The Chicken Project. This is so exciting!

100 kids in Zimbabwe will have meat in their diet in 2010. 1) Thanks for your generosity! 2) We still have some work to do. $1200 in 10 days, we can do it!  Do us a favor;  please Facebook this link, Tweet it, email it to your friends and ask them to donate. $10, $20, or $100, every bit helps us reach our goal.

BTW: The pictures that you see are the kids that will get the chickens, so they can have meat in their diet on a consitient basis.