Editor’s Note: Katie Quartucci shares her experience on how she and her husband came to know Olivia, a beautiful and confident young girl from Uganda in which they sponsor through Help One Now.

The decision to sponsor children through Help One Now went like this:
Sponsoring kids is a nice thing to do, but is it legit? Are the kids even real?
Katie goes to Haiti.
Katie meets REAL kids with REAL needs being met in a REAL way through sponsorships.
It is legit.

Cue the beginning of our family sponsoring children.

The need for sponsorship could no longer be ignored through convenient ignorance or skepticism.  I saw the kids being sponsored and their lives being changed…changed by a single guaranteed meal at school and an education.  One meal! One.  That was not okay with me.  How could I have denied a child one meal a day because “I just wasn’t sure it was legit?” I am forever grateful and bothered by that perspective change and an undeniable shift in thinking.

Fast forward six months later to my husband Joe’s trip with Help One Now to Uganda.  It was there that he was able to see, learn and experience his own shift.  In Uganda, he met a young lady beaming with potential whose story was mired with vulnerability.  Through a local leader’s guidance, Help One Now was able to meet her and tell her story. It was a no-brainer for Joe. He wanted to partner with her and acknowledge her potential.


This past month, I got to meet Olivia in Uganda.  I had prepared myself to be a blubbering mess, wrecked by the knowledge of my excess and the teensy amount it takes to help a whole person. Yet, her presence carried so much confidence, so much hope, so much ability that I was simply stunned when she walked in the room.  I spent the day with my arms around her.  I had to be near her.  Her smile was assuring and telling at the same time.  She had lived a life I could never ever comprehend and her ability to change her own future stemmed from such a small monetary amount.  Wow! Just wow! We are thankful to get to sponsor Olivia and her journey.  Which now includes consistent food, education and hope.  Just forty dollars a month equals HOPE.  That is extra humbling to me…let the shift continue.

Katie Quartucci

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