At Help One Now, we are constantly trying to find opportunities and action steps to answer the question, “What if doing good was simple?” If you’re like me, every day is crammed with work, family duties, kids’ extracurricular activities … the list goes on and on. How can we even begin to think about orphans, global poverty and loving others when we have so much going on? Let’s face it–life gets in the way!

Two years ago, we introduced our first “What if doing good was simple” initiative, Garage Sale for Orphans. It’s phenomenal to think that our excess alone has funded a major portion of Ferrier Village, a safe refuge for rescued children! As much as we’d like to change the world from our driveway each weekend, we need to find other avenues to fight global poverty that fit within our daily rhythms.


Yes, I said it — the guy who just told you to get rid of your excess! As much as we’d sometimes rather not, we all have to buy stuff. But what if, when we shopped, a portion of the proceeds went to help change the world? I’m not talking about retail therapy, just intentionally choosing to buy products that give back. Last year, we introduced this concept through our partnership with Pure Charity to support the Legacy Project. This year, we are excited to announce a new partnership with CaseCrown!

CaseCrown is a socially-minded company that designs and produces high quality consumer electronics accessories for all of the devices you love in order to benefit movements of good. They partner with one world-changing organization each month to create awareness campaigns, inspire practical activism, and provide financial support for their efforts. During the month of October, CaseCrown is advocating for and financially supporting Help One Now and our #HelpOneClassroom campaign. They even invited us to hang out with them at Catalyst this year to share our stories together. How cool is that?!


CaseCrown has tons of amazing “Products Inspired By Good.” Many of us need to keep our phones, tablets, computers and other electronics safe. Plus, Christmas is coming up before you know it! Go ahead and check out their website and place some orders. And when you shop in the future, we challenge you to shop with generous, social minded companies like CaseCrown who really make “doing good” simple.