Dominican Republic Trip

with Carlos Whittaker

Join Us On The Trip Of A Lifetime!

All Help One Now Trips are built to connect our partners to the communities we serve through the building of relationships with local leaders, experiencing the beauty and adventure each country holds, and participating in intentional guided times of rest and reflection. We want you to return home from these trips with a renewed heart, mind, and soul, as well as a vision and passion for how we can work together to do good around the world!

Trip Dates

April 4-8, 2022

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Trip Schedule

Day 1

Arrive in Santo Domingo

Meet local leader Rod Davis, hear his story and vision for family empowerment

Dinner and intro to trip meeting at guesthouse.

Get to know Help One Now and our work in-country, layout schedule for the week

Day 2

Morning reflection time

Tour Help One Now partner schools and hear about education empowerment

Meet families who have been empowered through the Family Business Program

Dinner at traditional Mofongo restaurant

Day 3

Morning reflection time

Meet more families in the Family Business Program

Afternoon in Santiago, tour cigar factory

Dinner at nice restaurant in Santiago

Cigars with Rod and his team

Day 4

Morning reflection time

Head to Santo Domingo

Lunch and shopping in Zona Colonial historic district

Free time at beach

Dinner and debrief at Casa Hemingway Hotel

Day 5

Breakfast together

Morning reflection time

Free time at beach

Team travels home from Santo Domingo

*Day 6

Optional extra day to stay at beach hotel

This time can be used for rest and reflection

Help One Now will provide logistics for this extra day

Any travelers who stay can travel home this day

Updates on COVID-19

Due to continued Covid-19 restrictions and risks, we will be taking several precautions to ensure the safety of every traveler and the communities we will visit. While cases are lower in these communities, we will take every caution necessary to prevent the potential of carrying the virus during travel in order to protect each team member on the trip, the leaders we partner with and their teams, and the communities we will visit. Here are some precautions and updated information for all travelers:

  • Each traveler is required to present a negative Covid-19 test taken within the week leading up to the trip.
  • Each traveler will be required to take a Covid-19 test once in-country for their return to the U.S. within 1 day prior to departure, per current CDC guidelines.
  • Each traveler is recommended to be fully vaccinated for Covid-19 and carry with them their proof of vaccination.
  • Each traveler will be required to carry with them a face covering. This will be worn at all times while visiting communities, as well as during international travel.