This spring Help One Now will be taking an amazing group of storytellers to Haiti. We will be visiting our projects in Drouin, Port Au Prince and Ferrier Village near the Dominican Republic border.

And listen, this isn’t your regular bloggers trip. This is special. Don’t believe us?

Follow along with us as we travel Palm Sunday weekend this year, from April 12-16.
Follow us as we tell the stories of the children rescued from trafficking, from poverty and from a life of neglect.
Follow us as we tell the stories of their caregivers, the day-to-day warriors who live in the trenches with Jesus and with these children.
Follow us, would you?

The Storytellers:


Sarah Bessey


Erika Morrison


Amber Haines


Laura Tremaine


Krista Smith


Sarah Markley

Follow this trip in a couple short months, and check out the websites of these writers and storytellers. You won’t be disappointed.