I fought with my kids last night about blankets.

It was bedtime and one wanted the fuzzy one which she claimed was hers and hers alone. The other wanted the puffy one, but at some point during the exchange I realized they were arguing about excess. They were fighting about the 2nd or 3rd blanket that would go on their beds and in a huff, without reciting to myself what I know about kids and teaching them about the world, I barked:

“You know some kids don’t have even one blanket to fight about, right?”

Of course in a less stressed state and if I was better-thinking I would rather show them than guilt them into understanding world issues and poverty. I’d rather help them understand the idea that so many children in the world are in need than snap at them about it at 8:30pm. I’d rather do something about it than crank out a retort without context.

But I wonder if all moms need a get-out-of-jail-free pass around bedtimes once in awhile.

I have the privilege to announce today that I’m going to be working with an organization that fights on the ground to aid and rescue vulnerable children. Help One Now is an organization that partners with local leaders and churches to help break the cycle of poverty for the most at risk population, children.

In 2014 I will be organizing and helping lead the Help One Now blogging and influencer trips to Haiti and Africa and most importantly, I get to help tell the stories of the amazing things that God is doing through Help One Now.

Help One Now believes that when we change the life of one child, we can change the world. It’s pretty simple actually. Help One Now stands out because they intentionally focus on 3 things:

1.They rescue orphans who have been abandoned,
2. They seek to prevent slavery and free those who are enslaved, and,
3. They care for vulnerable children so they won’t become orphaned.

And crazy, I know, God can even use a mistake-ridden mom like me who can’t even get her kids to share a blanket.

I hope you’ll follow me in this adventure over the next year or so and pray with me as I take on this task.

Sarah Markley