So today is Blog Action Day 08. Bloggers across the globe will deal with one subject-poverty. Social Justice is somewhat sexy now. We all have our shirts, wristbands and shoes to let the world know that we care about poverty. And truthfully I’m fine with that. I’m glad that people are more aware.

But my question is this. Do you really care? If so…How? You can’t wear a t-shirt or wristband and know data and see all the cool films, that is not enough. We all have to act. We all have a part to play in the grand-story of extreme poverty.

We can provide hope, food and love. We can provide a simple $10 net for children who live in Malaria infested countries. We can sponsor a child and provide housing, food and education. We can fight for those trapped in the modern day slave movement, we can help provide clean water, or help a third-world entrepreneur by loaning them some cash.

We don’t have to be heroes, we just need to be human, we don’t have to be rich, but we can’t afford to be selfish. Humanity is our greatest resource. When we decide to live for others and fight for a cause, extreme poverty can be eradicated. We can do that, we have the resources & education, but the one-thing we lack is enough people who will do small things so we can solve a big problem.

This is why I’m starting Help End Local Poverty. So I can do my small part, so I can help others do their small-part. So together we can see a generation fight for those who can’t fight for themselves.