Birmingham Family Empowerment Campaign

Together, we will raise $50,000 to empower 50 families

Our Family Empowerment Program shifts the narrative; it helps keep struggling families together. 
Not only does the program help families to thrive, but it ripples outward into the community as families grow their businesses, create even more jobs, and pour into the local economy. Family empowerment is more than just a process or program, it is family preservation and orphan prevention.

Together this fall, we will help over 50 parents and their children build the income they need to break the cycle of poverty.

Just $1,000 takes a family through the empowerment program and helps them launch their business!

Here's How

Instead of doing a traditional gala, we are going to kick off a month long campaign of key ambassadors raising funds to Empower Families. 

Give to Empower Families Now

Advocate and Fundraise for Families

Host a Dinner Party to Share About Families


Families Empowered


Advocacy Resources

Here’s the simple 3-2-1 ask:

Share 3 social media posts between 10/14-12/31 to invite your friends to Empower Families with you

Create 2 emails and/or texts to invite others to join you. Resources including a template for email and text below.

Set 1 giving goal for your friends and family to join you in Empowering Families

Set Up Your Fundraiser HERE

Watch How-To Video Below

Images for Sharing

Sample Text for Sharing

“Join me in partnering with Help One Now to EMPOWER FAMILY! Together, we can provide business training, mentorship, and resources for a family to start their own business. Head to for more info! #EmpowerFamily #TogetherWeBuild”

Host A Dinner

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Our Mission

Help One Now empowers families in developing countries through high-capacity local leaders with proven solutions to end extreme poverty.