Together We Built A School

Now, Let’s Open That School

We’re partnering with Big League Impact to invest $250,000 in the education of the students who will fill the classrooms.

Brian Dozier

Kyle Gibson

Zach Duke

“We’re committed to this school in Haiti for the long haul.” — Kyle Gibson

Together We Built A School

Now, Let’s Open That School


We’re raising $130,000 to cover the operating costs for the school for the first year.

We are raising $120,000 to fully furnish the school with essentials like desks, whiteboards, and computers.

Additionally, these funds will cover:

Teacher Salaries

Daily Hot meals

Classroom Supplies



The new classrooms won’t only impact these 500 students initially, but will also create a ripple effect throughout the entire community – with jobs created and families sustained and empowered to grow and thrive. The school will be the highest-quality in all of Northeast Haiti, creating a pathway of success for students in Pre-K all the way through Secondary School.

It is estimated that over 3,000 people in the community of Ferrier will be directly impacted in just the first year of the school’s operation!


$60,000 OF $250,000


See the Progress…So Far!

Our Mission

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