Dear friends,As you know, we have a long standing partnership with Pastor Gaetan and 30 orphans in Haiti. For Christmas this year, we’ve wanted to do some work to the current land where they live and also build a playground for the 30 orphans and over 200 kids that attend Pastor Gaetan’s school.

We’re CLOSE to our goal, but we still need a little help.  Today, I received a text message from one of our partners who’s willing to match each donation for the next 24 hours.

Here’s how it works: If you give $1 they will give $2, for a total of $3.  If you give $25, they will give $50, for a total of $75.  Your donation will be MATCHED 200%…How cool is that!

Please help us out, needless to say, EVERY donation matters.  Click this link and then click the donate button.

Also: PLEASE spread the word through FB, Twitter and other streams of communication. Make sure to add this link so others can make an impact for orphans in Haiti in 2012.


The H.E.L.P. Team