I’m currently in a hotel room outside of Atlanta, after driving eight hours from Raleigh. On my way to Atlanta, I stopped in Charlotte and had lunch with Steve.

God has answered some prayers, when I left this morning, I had no clue where I would be staying. Lucky for me a friend donated cash for a hotel room tonight, and tomorrow I’m staying with a family I’ve never met-God’s Kingdom at work.

In the morning I will meet with a church that is interested in doing some international work. Tomorrow night I get to reconnect with the Extreme Response boys (Jerry & Dan) in Atlanta. We spent five days together in Cairo last year. Good dudes, who are doing some great work!

Friday, I’m looking forward to hanging with Jeff Shinabarger in East Atlanta. I also have some other meetings lined-up. I love connecting with folks, dreaming together and seeing what God is going to do with each conversation!

That being said, traveling is tiring. I remember talking to Tom about this issues, if we are going to love and serve those in need, we will have to travel a lot, it’s our sacrifice to the Lord and on-behalf of those whom we advocate for. So I consider it a privilege to travel and share my passion to rescue and restore orphans and serve those in need.