Arena + Help One Now

In March, 2018, a group from Arena traveled to Haiti with Help One Now. They went to meet the incredible local leaders on the ground, and to see and learn about the impact of Help One Now’s work. It did not take long to catch the vision and heart behind the work of Jean Alix Paul in Ferrier, and soon a partnership was formed. Arena truly believes in the entrepreneurial spirit of Jean Alix and in his vision to provide the highest quality education to the children of Haiti. Through this education, cycles of poverty are broken, families are empowered, and communities are restored. Arena, Inc. will match donations up to $20,000, so together we can build two new classrooms!

Classrooms in Ferrier

We want to build 2 classrooms for the children of Ferrier, and we want you to join us!

Classroom #1 - $20,000

We want you to help us fund the 1st classroom! This classroom will also provide quality education and a hot meal to 30 students everyday! It will also provide fair wages to a teacher and further empower the community through other multi-purpose uses.

Classroom #2 - $20,000

Arena is committed to matching your donations to fund the 2nd classroom. Together, we can build the two classrooms and help change the lives of dozens of students and their families in Ferrier, Haiti through education.


In Doing Good Is Simple, Help One Now Founder/CEO Chris Marlow gently challenges us with grace and humor to realize that we are both called and equipped to make a difference in the world and reminds us that doing good can be simple!