I went to bed at 1AM, my alarm rang loudly at 3:30AM. Soon I was heading to the airport on my way back to Haiti.

Excited, tired, not feeling well, and ready to get through a long day of travel. Today, is a day of stress. 16 people from across America will hopefully descend in the Port-au-Prince airport by 3:30PM.

That’s if nothing goes wrong. And that’s nearly impossible these days. Delays, weather, airplane issues… The list goes on!

Yet, it always works out. All we can do is plan, prepare, pray and move forward…trusting that ultimately man is not in control of this trip.

We need God to lead.

His power must be evident. His presence must be tangible.

Soon, we will drive the crowded, dusty roads of Port-au-Prince. We will hug old friends and meet new friends, eat good Haitian food, stare into the night sky as the stars shine brighter then most could possibly imagine!

We will hear stories of God’s Kingdom moving deeply in Haiti. We will also hear stories of frustration, and it will be become evident that evil exists, suffering is real, and restoration is deeply needed.

Speaking of restoration, that’s exactly why we are here once again. We believe in restoration, we believe the local church must lead the charge to help restore this broken world.

Therefore, we will partner with the local Haitian church and together we will rescue orphans from extreme poverty, restore their hope by ensuring they’re daily needs are met, and we will walk with them long-term to help renew their communities by providing clean water, creating jobs, building schools, and starting churches!

And this is why we go… To participate in what God is doing through the local Haitian Church.


August 12, 2011