Uganda is an East African country lying on the Equator. The population is rapidly growing, recently crossing 32 million, and very young, with a median age of just 15. Uganda remains a relatively poor country despite some economic growth, and 80% of Ugandans rely on agriculture and the country’s rich soils for income.

Uganda is also one of the brightest success stories in fighting HIV/AIDS – while the country previously had HIV infection rates of around 30%, this has fallen to about 6% in recent years!

In partnership with Central United Methodist Church of northwest Arkansas, Help End Local Poverty has established a child sponsorship program that serves a number of orphaned and abandoned children living in the care of loving Christians in Jinja, Uganda.

H.E.L.P. and CUMC are working through the CYORF Foundation for Community Development to provide education, health care, HIV/AIDS education, vocational training, and the life-giving hope of Jesus Christ to vulnerable children in Jinja. Since 2000, this locally led Christian organization has served their community, and H.E.L.P. considers it a great privilege to be invited to join their valuable work.

Pastor Edward of CYORF and his team are a great example of the hope for Africa – local followers of Jesus who are fully committed to seeking creative Kingdom centered solutions for local problems.

By coming alongside such leaders, H.E.L.P. is bridging a resource gap, introducing Western Christians to African social entrepreneurs, and fostering sustainable development in a responsible way.

You can partner with Pastor Edward in Jinja by sponsoring one of the children he serves through Help One Now. Your $35 monthly donation goes a long way toward Rescuing these beautiful children and helping to Restore their hope for the life God intended for them.