I’m (Chris) sitting in my new home in downtown Raleigh, the birds are chirping, its cold outside, the tree’s are slowly changing colors and life is changing pace. It’s been close to two months since we’ve moved from Austin to Raleigh to launch our East Coast Office. Although it’s been tough at times, we feel like God is going to do some really cool things in the near future.

A few things you might want to know:

We’ve launched our new website. You are currently looking at phase one, our good friend and fellow HELP board member John Chandler created this site, and he is still working on phase two. So, you’ll notice some changes along the way, we hope to continue to improve the site as we add new content and connect in various ways. Our hope is to use this site to build community, seek justice and rescue and restore orphans.

We’re also going to be sending out a monthly newsletter. fGo to the website and add your email and click submit. Once a month you will get some key information about us, our projects, and ways to get involved.

If you use a newsreader to read blogs, you can RSS this blog by adding this link: feed://www.helpendlocalpoverty.com/feed/

I will be asking multiple people to write on this site, the goal would be to have various voices that will add value to the conversation of Justice, the Church and Missional living. I will announce those writers soon.

Remember, you can follow us on Twitter @helpendpoverty, and Facebook www.causes.com/helpendlocalpoverty.