Last month I (Blanca) turned 27. I hadn’t planned to do anything for my birthday, and I didn’t expect to get any gifts or anything. I had just gotten back from Haiti two days before my birthday, so all I could really think about were the people I met and the stories I had heard.

So, as a super last-minute idea, I decided to ask my friends and family to forgo giving me gifts or joining me for dinner, and instead I asked them to help me raise money for a single-family home in Haiti. My goal was to raise $4000, the amount it costs to build a single-family home in Port-au-Prince. I sent an email out the night before my birthday, and posted it on Twitter and Facebook. I wasn’t sure what kind of response I would get, but I know that every little bit really does help, so no matter how much money was raised, I knew it would be a huge blessing!

Since I turned 27, I asked for $27 donations, and received donations ranging from $27 all the way up to $522!!! In just a matter of days, my friends helped me raise $1244!!

I was so shocked and encouraged by everyone’s generosity…

To my amazing friends – thank you SO much!!! It seriously fills my heart to know that I have such awesome friends who are willing to give so much to a family in need.

Hopefully the rest of the money will be raised soon so we can start building another home for a family in Haiti!!

If you’d like to make a donation for the single-family home, you can still do so by clicking here.