I still remember the day. It’s 2007, we left the Cape Town airport, flew to Johannesburg, and then drove to meet John and Orpha at the South Africa/Zimbabwe border. We filled the van with gas, food, and other supplies–things which were impossible to come by in Zimbabwe. After waiting hours to cross, we finally got our passports stamped and visas in hand. Meanwhile, the day was giving way to the dark. As we drove over the bridge, a police officer reminded us not to stop anywhere along the way. It was far too dangerous; the people of Zimbabwe were far too desperate. Zimbabwe was in a crisis, on the verge of a civil war, desperate for the basic necessities of life.


After a long travel day, we arrived to Harare, but the chaotic roads, the long flights, the waiting in long lines, and seeing all the suffering was too much to bear. My eyes no longer wanted to be open, and my mind was ready for a pause, but God? He had other plans. A whisper came from the back of the van. John, a local Zimbabwean pastor, asked us to pull over at a gas station. He needed to check on some kids–the orphans of the city.


One of those kids–a child created in the image of God–asked me for help. His hands shook, his body was frail, his voice cracked as he trembled. But, he spoke … and I told him no! The boy, who was no more than 8, was devastated. So was I. An hour later, I crawled into bed under the protection of a mosquito net, and I cried myself to sleep.

A Journey to Help

Today, we celebrate 6 years as an official 501(c)3. A starving boy in Zimbabwe and a pastor from Austin, Texas, collided on one fateful night. That moment, my life was interrupted, and now, we are interrupting thousand of lives with stories of the broken. They are becoming whole because people are choosing to be generous, to be the hands and feet of God to people who are literally begging just to live another day! Today, we are six. We are still young, and sometimes really dumb, but together we have accomplished amazing work over the last six years. We celebrate all that God has done and we are so excited for what He will continue to do in the next few decades. What if doing good was simple? Well it is, and this annual report is proof that the Help One Now tribe and our amazing local leaders can partner together and do work that matters, that makes an impact, and that gives people dignity in places like Zimbabwe, Uganda, Haiti, South Africa, Peru, and Ethiopia. We’ve partnered with churches (some small, others big, but all important), with influencers who choose to use their platforms to change the world and do good, professional athletes who know God has called them to something more, and the everyday people–the teachers, lawyers, stay at home moms, entrepreneurs, accountants, and plumbers. Together, we are a tribe, and together, we’ve been able to see lives changed, communities transformed, and our own lives, have been transformed as well. Take a moment to read our annual report and celebrate what you have been able to do! I’m thankful for all of you. May we pause and celebrate this day, and tomorrow, continue to move forward, struggle for progress and build a better world, one inch at a time!

As a way of celebrating our birthday, please consider joining the Zimbabwe #TenDollarTribe. Zimbabwe is where the Help One Now story began, and even though we have accomplished so much there already, the vast African sky is the limit of what Pastor John will accomplish with the support of the #TenDollarTribe.