Wow, so much going on as of late. But, I wanted to give everyone a quick update. This Monday we should be launching The Campaign to End Poverty website. Scotty from Studio 914 is currently working on this project.

HELP is currently focused on ending poverty in Marondera, Zimbabwe, which is a city on the outskirts of Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe. We are currently working with a local Zimbabwean leader and also Steven and Amy from Servlife. HELP’s desire is to start a movement of love, hope and story, so we can educate people and help eradicate extreme poverty. We see ourselves as brokers; we want to provide leverage to our friends on the ground who are the real unknown heroes.

How? Because we are quite brilliant…OK, maybe not…But, we truly want to make a difference in this small community and we trust the local leader who is truly a servant of God. We have decided to launch this campaign in hope of raising $40,000. These funds will go to orphan rescue and orphan support in Zimbabwe. Currently there is 87 orphans that we want to help care for and of course we desire to help rescue the others who have no shelter.

Of course, here is the deal…We need your help to make this happen. Tomorrow I will fill you in on the details, but lets just say it has something to do with you selling something (fighting consumerism) and giving the proceeds away to our friends in Zimbabwe.

More info tomorrow, but for now, can you stop and say a prayer for HELP and CTEP?