The photo above was taken at one of four Garage Sales hosted by Austin New Church. They raised over $11,000 in one weekend!

This year H.E.L.P. will be hosting a Garage Sale 4 Orphans (GS4O) Weekend on April 29-May 1. Our goal is to have 15-20 Garage Sale Parties going on around the U.S. during that weekend! And we hope to have at least 100 Garage Sales total for 2011!

In the past year, we’ve been encouraged by several groups and individuals who have worked hard to throw a Garage Sale and donate all the money to caring for orphans! Through the GS4O initiative, we were able to raise money for projects like building an orphanage, drilling a water well and building single-family homes!

Will you commit to throwing a Garage Sale in 2011? Get others involved to help you out! Small groups, neighbors, youth groups, etc.!

CLICK HERE to let us know if you’d like to host a Garage Sale 4 Orphans this year, and we will follow up with more information and steps to make your Garage Sale a success! We will also have Orphan Care curriculum available soon for all different age groups!