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Legacy Project // Sarah Bessy from Help One Now on Vimeo.


Teacher Salaries (Legacy Project)
Total Cost: $5,000








The school building has been funded! And while we celebrate this amazing blessing, we know that there is still much work to be done to leave a legacy for these 30 orphans & 120 vulnerable children.

Pastor Gaetan said it best: “In Haiti, school represents the only institution where education takes place…in other words, we are too busy working and trying to make a living…but a good school is necessary to educate them, instill moral values, and make sure they have a bright future.”

To ensure these children have the bright future that Pastor Gaetan and others work so
tirelessly for, we are hiring the most dedicated & passionate leaders to become teachers at the school. These individuals will be of the upmost character and committed to transforming this community.

The school will create at least 5 teaching jobs, with each teachers salary being $5000/year.


Will you help them be taught??


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