Ferrier Anti-Trafficking Home #6 “Raleigh GS40″


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Ferrier Village is a safe, holistic community dedicated to protecting and caring for orphans and vulnerable children, especially those who are at the greatest risk of trafficking or who have been rescued from traffickers before crossing the border from Haiti to the Dominican Republic.

Project Scope

This project will contribute towards building a home in Ferrier Village for 4-5 children and a house mom. The homes will be built with Haitian sourced materials and Haitian labor, which provides jobs and economic growth for Haiti. The original project cost was $6,000.  We nearly doubled the home size from 300 sq ft to nearly 600 sq ft, added running water, electricity and a full bath with shower/tub. The new cost is $11,000.

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Garage Sale for Orphans


We believe our excess stuff can mean life for another, and can contribute to ending cycles of extreme poverty for many… essentially, it’s SELL. GIVE. HELP.

  • Take back your closets, your garages, clean out your self-storage units, which then saves you money, and SELL it. Throw a party in your neighborhood, tell them you’re selling your excess stuff so others can be lifted out of poverty.
  • GIVE the proceeds from the sale to Help One Now and use it to support the country and project that you choose in Haiti, Zimbabwe, or Uganda.
  • HELP One Child with an education by supporting teachers, HELP One Leader by providing a micro-loan to support their family business or HELP One Community with a water well, a safe home or a special project. And those are just some of the examples you can choose!

Three Simple Steps to a Successful Garage Sale for Orphans

First, share the vision with your community, and pick a project that you want to support. In 2012 we had 59 garage sales which greatly helped our initiatives in Haiti, Uganda and Zimbabwe! It’s a good idea at this meeting to have people start gathering their stuff. You can ask college students to help other families go through the attic, garage and storage facility. The don’t have much stuff, but they bring great energy!

Second, schedule and host your garage sale! Let us know when you plan to hold your garage sale, and then check out our Garage Sale Resources page which will give you tips and resources for hosting a great garage sale!

Third, after your awesome garage sale donate the proceeds to support the country and project your community has chosen! Finally, if you need anything else from us, additional resources, information, answers to questions, or ideas feel free to email us. As things begin to take shape, please let us know when and where your garage sale will be so we can promote it and keep track. To get started, check out some of our current projects!