One Squad FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

1)  What does Help One Now do? 
Help One Now is a non-profit organization committed to empowering and resourcing high-capacity local leaders who care for orphans and vulnerable children in order to transform communities and break the cycle of extreme poverty. We accomplish this by equipping normal, everyday people to make huge impacts through acts of simple kindness.

1b) What does the One Squad do? 
One Squad is a powerful group of world changers that are a part of Help One Now’s impact, directly connected through and alongside of Sadie and the Live Original Squad. Through a $25 monthly donation, the Squad is empowering change and fighting extreme poverty around the world by supporting the work of Help One Now’s leaders in their communities. 

2) How much of my money actually goes to help (overhead)?
80% ($20) of your monthly donation will go directly to impact on the ground. 20% ($5) will be applied to operational expenses for the organization.

3) Can I go on a trip to meet the kids?
We currently do not lead what might be considered a “traditional missions trip,’ but we are looking into the possibility of annual One Squad trips so that One Squad members can see the impact of their commitment and generosity. At Help One Now, we are deeply mindful of the negative effects that short-term trips sometimes have, so we want to ensure that we foster this aspect cautiously.
NOTE: One Live Original Tour attendee and a guest will be invited on a trip with Sadie and the Squad in 2017. Make sure to text in your email when that opportunity is shared.

4) What will the follow up look like? How will I know what my money is doing?
Help One Now, Sadie, and the Squad will be in consistent communication with One Squad members. You can expect bi-monthly impact stories, quarterly community updates, social media updates, and exclusive mailouts. You can also follow 
Help One Now on Facebook & Instagram (@helponenow) or email us any time at

5) When will my card be charged the first time and then when will it be charged consecutively each month after that?  Can I select a date for it to be charged?
Your card will be charged within 7 days of the event at which you enrolled. It will then be charged on that same day each month. If you would like to change your draft date of your One Squad membership, simply e-mail us

6) What countries does Help One Now work in?  Can I designate my money to a particular one? 
Help One Now is currently working in Haiti, Dominican Republic, Peru, Ethiopia, Uganda, Zimbabwe, and South Africa. Within the One Squad, specific designation is not possible, but the great thing is that the One Squad will impact EACH of our communities. If you would like to forge a deeper relationship with a particular country or community, please visit to learn more. From that page, you’ll see what Help One Now does in each location and learn how you can support that specific place.

7) Can I sponsor a child through One Squad (Help One Now)?  
Yes! Go to to do so. 

8) Is Help One Now (One Squad) a member of any accountability group?
Yes, we are a proud member of Guidestar.

9) How long does my One Squad membership last?
You will be a One Squad member until you choose to unenroll.  

10) Can I charge it to one card tonight but then change it to a different card next month? 
Yes! Simply email us at and we will walk you through that process.