Nineteen Orphans Rescued

A few days ago, emails began pouring into my inbox from Ferrier, Haiti—images and words that made tears well up in my eyes and hope well up in my heart.  These messages contained pictures and profile information for 19 children who now call Ferrier Village home.

Ferrier Villiage
You see, Ferrier Village, a trafficking prevention initiative of Help One Now, is officially open!  On May 10, 2013, we opened our doors to 15 of Haiti’s most vulnerable children, and we have taken in 4 more since then.  All of these children are double orphaned—without a mother, without a father, and without any appropriate oversight or supervision (kids in this situation are extremely vulnerable to human trafficking).  Some have been trapped in an abusive situation, without hope of reconciliation.  Some were rescued at the border, thus interrupting the trafficking process.  And sadly, a few of these children have experienced the horror of living as slaves.

For over a year, many of you have been involved in the first phase of this story…spreading the word, throwing garage sales, giving generously, etc.  As a result, a village was built—bricks and stones representing potential restoration.  And now it is time for the next phase of this story.  Five homes that once sat empty are now full of children and loving house moms.  Lives that seemed impossible are now full of hope.

These children will be loved and cared for by our Ferrier Village staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  They will be fed, clothed and counseled.  They will go to a good school and be part of a vibrant church community.  They will have a safe home, a good bed, and the comfort of family.  And our commitment to these kids is for the long haul—university, trade school, and employment.  We will work to see these children become responsible and productive members of Haitian society.  This is where we need you to enter the story, and that entry point is child sponsorship.

The only way to ensure this level of care longterm is through our child sponsorship program.  We need 80-100 people to step up now and commit to helping care for these 20 kids who have been orphaned, abused and trafficked.  This is exactly why we choose to sponsor orphans 5 times…it’s holistic and sustainable.

Maybe your small group can rally together and sponsor one child five times?  Maybe your family: parents, kids, aunts & uncles or cousins can come together and sponsor one child five times?


Also, will you help us spread this story? We need everyone to use all forms of media to spread the word. We can’t do this without you!!

Ferrier Village is open…and we need YOU to join us in this story of hope.

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Ferrier Village

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Ferrier Village

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Ferrier Village is a refuge for orphaned children who have been rescued from traffickers, or are at a high risk of being trafficked.  It is a place where these children will be cared for and restored to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

I'm the International Ops Director for Help One Now. I'm a loving husband, a grateful father, a dedicated musician & social activist, and a follower of Christ.

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  • Lisa

    I sponsor a child at Yaveh Shamma and just now read about these children at Ferrier. Thank God Ferrier is up and running! How would one go about adopting one of these kids at Ferrier? Is that even possible?

    • Tiffany Crowe Wade

      Hi Lisa, you can click on any of the kids listed above and it takes you directly to their page.

      • Lisa

        Yes, to sponsor them. But I am asking about adoption. Thanks for your reply, though!

        • Chris Marlow


          These kids are not adoptable. You can see my commet w/ Lisa for an explanation. Thanks for reaching out and also thanks for sponsoring a child at Yavhe.

    • Chris Marlow


      We don’t do adoptions. Our goal is to raise the child to be a future leader in Haiti. Each child is now cared for by a loving community. Thanks for sponsoring a child at Yavhe, love those kids. You are making a huge difference.

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  • Monika

    I too, would like to know how to adopt one of these children!

    • Chris Marlow


      Thanks for reading. These kids are not adoptable. Our mission is to raise them up in Haiti though our local Haitian leaders. We would love for you to sponsor one of these kids through so they can have their daily needs met and attend school.


  • mary ann dietschler

    I have already signed up to sponsor a child but have received any correspondence regarding the child. When can I expect to receive a name, etc.

    • Chris Marlow

      Mary Ann Dietschler,

      Did you get your info or resposne? If not, can you please email me at (chris) @ I want to make sure this is taken care of.

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  • Lisa Olmstead Davis

    We just finished a week of Mega Sports Camp at our church and this project was our fundraiser for the week. I am so proud of our kids; they raised over $400 for Ferrier Village!! The money will soon be coming your way!

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