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Population: 10.17 million (4.3 million under age of 18)
Area: 10,715 sq mi
Year of Independence: 1804
Orphan Pop.: 420,000 (have lost one or both parents due to all causes)
Pop. Living In Poverty: 77% (7.8 million).  61.7% living on less than US $1.25/day
Education: 25% secondary school participation, 72% youth literacy rate, 48% adult literacy rate
Health: 62 year life expectancy (up 8 years since 1990), 160,000 people living with AIDS, 64% of population using improved drinking water sources
Trafficking: Estimated 150,000 – 500,000 children living in domestic servitude, or Restavek (subject to forced labor, beatings, sexual assault and other abuses)
-  2013 Trafficking in Persons Report, Haiti

Haiti Leaders


Pastor Jean Alix Paul

Jean-Alix Paul is the president of Esprit de Verite, an organization that has started 10 churches, 4 schools, and 3 children’s homes, including Ferrier Village.  He is also a talented business man.  Jean Alix passionately believes (as do all of our leaders) that there are two things that are needed to break the cycle of poverty in Haiti: 1) people must know Jesus; and 2) children – and adults – must have a good, solid education.
We are currently partnering with Jean Alix in:
Kenscoff – building homes for families, along with various other clean water and community development projects
Drouin –  a vulnerable child sponsorship program allowing hundreds of kids to attend school and receive a good meal every day, while empowering local rice farmers
Ferrier Village – a trafficking prevention initiative that is currently home to 26 of Haiti’s most vulnerable children.

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Rosena Joseph

Rosena Joseph is the Director of Ferrier Village, a trafficking prevention initiative of Help One Now.  She oversees the daily operations of the village, which is currently home to 6 House Moms and 26 children.  Rosena lost both of her parents when she was a young girl, and she grew up in a girl’s home in Ferrier run by Pastor Jean Alix Paul’s ministry.  Once an orphan, Rosena is now a college graduate, a nurse, a wife, and a strong leader.  Her smile carries strength and dignity, and her presence stirs both grace and respect.

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Pastor Gaétan Alcégaire

Gaétan Alcégaire – Papi Gaet to his kids – is the leader of Yahve Shamma Children’s Home in Petiónville and the instigator of 2012’s audacious Legacy Project, the funding and subsequent construction of Williamson Adrien Academy.  He has the biggest heart of anyone we know.  Pastor Gaétan and his family provide 24/7 care to 30 orphans, and the Academy is currently giving a well-rounded education to 300 children from the surrounding community.  We are currently partnering with Gaétan  through the Yahve Shamma Child Sponsorship Program, and by empowering and resourcing the teachers of Williamson Adrien Academy.  Pastor Gaétan has a vision to plant 12 churches and serve orphans throughout Haiti.

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Pastor St. Cyr

Jean St. Cyr is the pastor of Eglise Baptiste Compasion de Christ and the headmaster of Aclaprotech Academy. Both were birthed out of JP1, a tent city that at one time held over 60,000 people that had been displaced by the earthquake.  We are currently partnering with St Cyr in Delmas to empower and resource the teachers of Aclaprotech Academy.

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Population: 35.9 million (over 19 million under age of 18)
Area: 91,136 sq mi
Year of Independence: 1962
Year of Last War: 2008
Orphan Pop.: 2,600,000 (have lost one or both parents due to all causes)
Pop. Living In Poverty: 38% (13.6 million)
Education: 66.8% literacy rate,  5.2% of GDP spent on education
Health: 58 year life expectancy, 6.4% of population living with AIDS(down from over 30% in the 1980’s),  72% of population using improved drinking water sources
Trafficking: Ugandan children as young as 7 are exploited in forced labor. Forced child labor occurs in agriculture, cattle herding, mining, stone quarrying, brick making, car washing, scrap metal collection, bars, restaurants & the domestic service sector; girls & boys are also exploited in prostitution.

-  2013 Trafficking In Persons Report, Uganda

Uganda Leaders


Pastor Edward

Pastor Edward is our local leader in the Jinja area of Uganda.  He lives in Buwenda Village with his wife and 2 sons.  Edward has planted 2 churches and oversees His Mercy Christian School that serves over 200 impoverished and orphaned children.  He has also initiated empowerment projects that have uplifted and improved the lives of widows and other vulnerable groups of people.  Edward is passionate about education and the future of his country.  We are currently partnering with Edward to build homes for families, empower and resource the teachers of His Mercy School, help hundreds of children get a good education through child sponsorship, and various other community development projects.

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Population: 13.72 million (6.5 million under age of 18)
Area: 150,804 sq mi
Year of Independence: 1980
Orphan Pop.: 1,200,000 (have lost one or both parents due to all causes)
Pop. Living In Poverty: 72.3% at national poverty line
Education: 83% adult literacy rate, 48% secondary school participation
Health: 58 year life expectancy (down 2 years from 1990), 14.7% of population living with AIDS, 80% of population using improved drinking water sources
Trafficking: Zimbabwean men, women & children are subjected to forced labor in agriculture & domestic service in rural areas, as well as domestic servitude & sex trafficking in cities & towns.

-  2013 Trafficking In Persons Report, Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Leaders


John Chinyowa

John Chinyowa is the Pastor of Family Praise Fellowship Church in Marondera, Zimbabwe, and the leader who inspired Chris Marlow to start Help One Now years ago. Pastor John, his wife Orpah, and his church oversee Musha Wevana Children’s Home caring for over 100 orphaned and abandoned children.  John is an incredible team-builder and he has the best laugh you have ever heard.  We are currently partnering with Pastor John in Marondera to provide quality care and education for the children of Musha Wevana, and community development projects such as micro loans and water wells.

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Population: 91.73 million (46.35 million under age of 18)
Area: 435,200 sq mi
Year of Independence: Africa’s oldest independent country, Ethiopia was never colonized by a European power.
Orphan Pop.: 4,500,000 (have lost one or both parents due to all causes)
Pop. Living In Poverty: 30.7% living on less than US $1.25/day
-  55% youth literacy rate; 39% adult literacy rate
-  15.6% secondary school participation
-  59 year life expectancy (up 12 years from 1990)
-  840,000 people living with AIDS
-  49% of population using improved drinking water sources
-  girls from Ethiopia’s rural areas are exploited in domestic servitude & prostitution within the country, while boys are subjected to forced labor in weaving, herding, guarding & street vending.
-  2013 Trafficking In Persons Report, Ethiopia

Ethiopia Leaders


Aschalew Abebe

Aschalew Abebe is the Ethipoia Director for Kidmia, an organization committed to see orphaned and vulnerable children released from physical, economic, and spiritual poverty and enjoy life to its fullest. Aschalew, who has a Master’s Degree in community development and has studied in Germany and South America, has been influential in helping many children receive holistic and sustainable care in Ethiopia.  And he LOVES macchiatos!  We are currently partnering with Aschalew through our child sponsorship program to improve the lives of families and provide opportunities for children in Gunchire, an extremely impoverished community.

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