Kairos Village Groundbreaking!

Just a few short weeks ago, we announced that we were ready to break ground on Kairos Village, and it has happened! The initial supplies have been purchased from local vendors, and workers have dug trenches for the water system and the foundation for the main building. Soon, the main building, which includes the kitchen,[…]

Building Opportunities to Rescue Children In Peru

Help One Now is ready to break ground on Kairos Village, a place that will serve as a refuge and home for exploited children in Iquitos, Peru.  Here’s our International Operations Director, Lamar Stockton: At Help One Now, we always have a lot going on. Our brilliant leaders work tirelessly every day to care for[…]

Celebrating Mothers – Mercedes Malpartida

In leading up to Mother’s Day, Help One Now wanted to celebrate a few of the incredible women from our communities. They work tirelessly to care for orphaned and vulnerable children, doing everything from providing meals to helping them get an education. They are mothers in the best sense of the word. Now that Mother’s Day[…]

Water, Hope, and the Ten Dollar Tribe

(Join the #TenDollarTribe) This time of year, Iquitos, Perú is a world of water.  As the rains fall, the Río Amazonas rises and the inhabitants of this mysterious land (or lack there of) submit and adjust.  And this particular year the water has risen to a near record level.  But alas, this is Iquitos…this is[…]

Introducing The #TenDollarTribe – Peru

A few months ago, we launched the #TenDollarTribe–a new way to serve the communities of Reagoboka and Maubane. The response was amazing; once again, we were blown away by our incredible Help One Now tribe. We knew we had to do it again, so here’s Lamar Stockton, our International Operations Director, to tell us more:[…]

New Partnership in Iquitos, Perú

IQUITOS. Gateway to the Amazon. This city of nearly 600,000 people in the vast Loreto region of Perú, is a mix of both ancient and modern. Isolated and mysterious, there are no roads that lead to Iquitos. One can only arrive by plane or by ferryboat. This is the city in which Help One Now[…]