Meet Rosena Joseph

Meet Rosena Joseph. She is truly an inspirational figure. After losing her parents as a young child, she grew up in a girl’s home (as a matter of fact, it was Jean-Alix Paul’s Spirit of Truth Girls Home in Ferrier). Being at this home allowed her to attend school, something that many girls her age[…]

Global Day Of Parents

For all of us, the story written by our parents and the legacy they leave are the most significant factors in creating who we are and who we become. This fact is so important that the UN declared today, June 1st, the Global Day of Parents. To mark the occasion, we wanted to celebrate the awesome work that[…]

Oasis Village

I hope your 2015 off to a great start! 2014 was Help One Now’s most successful year yet, and 2015 is promising to be even better. This means the leaders with whom we partner will continue to be empowered and resourced more than ever to impact the lives of orphans, vulnerable children, and their communities[…]

Preemptive Love

This last week has been so tough. The world seems to be on fire. Gaza/Israel, Syria, and now Iraq. As one who tries to follow in the footsteps of Jesus, I know that I’m called to be a peacemaker. In fact, all Christians are called to be peacemakers… and the world is desperate for us to[…]


Collision by Katie Quartucci Returning to Haiti was a coming to terms of sorts for me.  An acknowledgement of what had transpired in my life for the last year since the first trip “over there.”   An in your face, I dare you to deny it, embracing of the lack of control.  You see, secretly in[…]

A Story of Hope & Restoration

The following is a story from Edward Magumba, our Help One Now local leader in Jinja, Uganda: ———-   Kikubo village is located in eastern Uganda.  It is one of the poorest villages in the country.  The people of Kikubo are primarily subsistence farmers who live peasantry lives.  Illiteracy levels are high and superstitious beliefs[…]

April 2014 Bloggers Trip

This spring Help One Now will be taking an amazing group of storytellers to Haiti. We will be visiting our projects in Drouin, Port Au Prince and Ferrier Village near the Dominican Republic border. And listen, this isn’t your regular bloggers trip. This is special. Don’t believe us? Follow along with us as we travel[…]