Reintroducing Chaltu

A few months ago, we introduced you to Chaltu while on our #LoveHopeEthiopia trip. Here’s an update! When Chaltu first opened her shop after completing the Family Empowerment Program in Wolaita Sodo, she was just selling regular goods in her store. Then, she branched out to making injera as well. Now she is preparing traditional Ethiopian[…]

What Does Family Empowerment Mean?

Around the world, the family unit plays a key role in the stability of the local society—a fact that is especially true in developing nations. Another fact is this: communities whose economies are struggling at the very local level often see high levels of orphaned and abandoned children. These abandoned children—sometimes referred to as “poverty[…]

Come And See

This post comes to us from Genessa Newberry, Help One Now’s Africa Anti-Trafficking Coordinator. Do you ever wonder what happens when two brilliant, high capacity community leaders get together and hang out for a few days? The answer: Magic. You might think I’m joking, but seriously. The gathering of Aschalew Abebe from Ethiopia and Pastor Edward[…]

Africa Without Orphans

Recently, Aschalew Abebe, our incredible leader in Ethiopia, traveled to Jinja, Uganda, to spend time with Pastor Edward Magumba, our equally incredible Ugandan leader. These two men have literally changed the lives of hundreds of children and families in their home countries, and since each leader approaches their unique challenges differently, we know they had so much to learn[…]

Global Day Of Parents

For all of us, the story written by our parents and the legacy they leave are the most significant factors in creating who we are and who we become. This fact is so important that the UN declared today, June 1st, the Global Day of Parents. To mark the occasion, we wanted to celebrate the awesome work that[…]

Love Hope Stories

Follow along via our Flickr photo stream here! Korie Robertson A story of opportunity, restoration, triumph and hope Jen Hatmaker Things That Don’t Exist in Ethiopia 10-Year-Olds Should Not Be Day Laborers Your Money Can Help Or Hurt A Book, A Necklace, and A Bunch of Kids Love Hope Kristen Howerton What a warrior mom[…]

We Can Do Something to Make a Difference!

“I don’t know why I was born to loving parents who made sure all of my needs were met, in a country full of freedom and opportunity and these kids weren’t. I do know that there is bad in this world. There is tragedy and heartache, and these are children who, just like us, need[…]

Embracing Hope in Ethiopia

  It is with great thrill I get to announce our upcoming Love Hope Storyteller Trip to Ethiopia, the greatest country on earth (no bias here). Help One Now has been working in Ethiopia for one year, and we are now moving from the urgent work of aid into the sustainable work of development. We[…]

Let’s Go To Africa!

  Let’s Go To Africa! (Ethiopia & Uganda, to be exact) Help One Now is starting the new year off by heading back to Uganda and visiting Ethiopia for the first time. We leave Jan 1st. Please, follow us on the journey using the links below. We are launching a new program in Ethiopia in[…]

Help One Now // ETHIOPIA

We have an exciting announcement to make… We have officially launched Help One Now ETHIOPIA!  We have been dreaming about and planning our work in Ethiopia for quite some time, and now everything is in place to begin our Ethiopia Child Sponsorship Program, and eventually more community development work with local leaders.   The Partnership[…]