Democratic Republic of Congo

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The Reality

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo) has a troubled, complicated history, which continues to impact its citizens today. Nearly-constant armed conflict has lead to political insecurity, forced labor, compelled “militia” service, and mass rape and sexual violence has taken a severe toll on this beautiful land.
The conflict has created food shortages as many farmers are afraid to work their fields. Access to education has suffered as well, for many families have been internally displaced. A generation of Congolese children have seen their school years become disrupted, limiting their opportunities later in life.

The Work

Help One Now is excited to partner with local leader Tresor Yenyi and Mwangaza International to build, establish, and sustain a number of HOPE Centers in the DRC. These HOPE Centers will build community and alleviate poverty by hosting after school programs for vulnerable children, serving teenage moms and their babies, providing clean water, literacy programs, job training and more. The work is complex, but the goal is simple: to strengthen communities in the Congo and keep families together! We are currently in the process of developing specific plans for this partnership and we look forward to sharing more details very soon!


Our Local Leader

Tresor Yenyi is the founder and president of Mwangaza International, our partner organization in the DRCongo. Tresor has a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership and is currently working on a PhD while living in Kinshasa.  He has experienced firsthand the tragedy of civil war and the brokenness and poverty it leaves in its wake. Tresor and his team are working diligently to build community and alleviate vulnerability throughout Congo.