2015 Quarter 3 Report



2,071 students had access to quality education this quarter (296 more than last quarter)



1,500+ individuals served (100 more than last quarter)
16,667+ meals served each week (over 2,000 more than last quarter)
200,000 meals served this quarter (over 17,000 more than last quarter!)
Clean Water
795+ individuals received regular access to clean water this quarter
Medical Care
620+ individuals had access to medical care this quarter


Job Creation

125 local, indigenous jobs sustained this quarter, including 55 full-time teachers


Spiritual Development

 Approx. 2,700+ children received physical, emotional and spiritual care in the context of the Gospel of Christ and the local church this quarter.
Over 400 orphaned and vulnerable children from the Maubane community attend the Sunday church service held at the Maubane Rivoningo Transformation Centre

Haiti – Drouin, Spirit of Truth School

An orphan prevention initiative focused on education, proper nutrition, and family empowerment with a goal of alleviating the pressure of poverty, keeping families together, and building stability and opportunity for the future.

General Overview

The Spirit of Truth school in Drouin acts as a community hub, where children can come to both receive an education and a hot meal every day. This empowers families and prevents parents from feeling the need to give up their children in hopes that they (the children) receive better care. The school is thriving, and Help One Now local leader Jean Alix Paul is working to create other sustainable solutions for the local families.

Impact Story

Drouin is an incredibly rural and poor area; many families are barely able to survive. It is an incredible blessing for these families that their children get to come to school every day and receive a hot meal. However, many of the families do not have the means to buy proper school supplies or uniforms. This semester, Spirit of Truth School was able to save extra funds in order to provide a new uniform and school supplies for every student. Even this small bit of assistance has a strong, ripple effect on the daily lives of these families.

1,875 meals per week
22,500 meals served this quarter
345 students served; 30 staff served
300 students currently enrolled in morning K-5 school
45 students currently enrolled in afternoon grade 6 school
Project Updates
No project updates for this quarter. The kids were on school break during the month of June.
Top 3 Needs/Priorities
Playground for The Spirit of Truth School
Construction of pre-school that will serve the whole community
Solar power for school

HAITI – Aclaprotech Academy

An education and community development initiative in Port-au-Prince, providing quality education for up to 160 students. It is also a community hub, investing in future generations through education and development.

General Overview

ACLAPROTECH (The Academy for Classical, Professional and Technical Studies), under the leadership of Help One Now local leader Jean St Cyr, is continuing to grow and thrive. Enrollment and tuition continues to grow as the school seeks to one day become self-sustainable, while still being able to provide scholarships for those in need. Now that the primary education piece is in place, Pastor St Cyr is looking to broaden his reach by investing in Delmas, his local community. He is working hard on plans to provide an adult technical school, secondary school, and a clean water system for the community.

Impact Story

ACLAPROTECH has had a high number of returning students this school year, which has allowed the school to invest much deeper into each student. The students are already scoring higher than they ever have on tests, and there is a real feeling of progress in the school. There has also been a great increase in the amount of families who are able to pay tuition, which helps with the longevity and sustainability for the school as well as the ability to offer quality pay to the teachers. Our goal for 2015 is to help this community, which has seen so much uncertainty, brokenness and impermanence, find stability and establish a solid foundation on which to build a great school. Our method for promoting that stability was to provide fair salaries for the teachers and staff. Pastor St Cyr and his team have taken that small provision and built upon it, and the future is looking bright for Aclaprotech!

72 students currently enrolled
60% of families paying full tuition
Job Creation
7 full-time teachers and staff members
Project Updates
The percentage of families paying tuition increased from 28% to 60%. The goal for next year is to reach 70% while increasing enrollment
Full certification was upheld for 2015/2016 school year, which means that the school is now an accredited institution
We are now in the planning stages for a daily feeding program for the upcoming school year. The Help One Now Team, in cooperation with Pastor St Cyr, is considering the viability of starting a vulnerable child sponsorship program with the kids at the school. The goal of this program would be to fund all teacher salaries, start a feeding program at the school, and be able to help the families of the children as well.
Creation of a clean water system for the community. This will meet an immediate need in the community and serve as a source of revenue as well
Building a technical/trade school
Starting a upper level/secondary school

HAITI – Ferrier Village

An anti-trafficking initiative in the border town of Ferrier in northeast Haiti where children are restored to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. It is a refuge for orphaned children who have been rescued from traffickers, or are at a high risk of being trafficked.

General Overview

Life at Ferrier Village is thriving. There are 37 children running around with smiles on their faces, many of whom were, just a year ago, living lives bound by the grips of modern day slavery. The house moms work tirelessly every day to ensure that each child is given the utmost care and love, and that they feel safety and belonging on a daily basis.
Under the leadership of Help One Now local leaders Jean Alix Paul & Rosena Joseph, the work has progressed long enough now to really see some of the long term effects of that daily care, as the looks on the children’s faces have changed from fear and uncertainty to hope and joy. 3 new homes that will house another 15 rescued children are nearing completion, and the new pre-school is OPEN!

Impact Story

Most of the children that come to Ferrier Village will stay for their entire childhood, but the Village has also served as a place of temporary refuge for children in distress. Recently, Pastor Martel received an emergency call from IBESR (Haitian social services). They told him of 5 children that desperately needed a temporary place to live. Their mother could only feed them 3 meals each week, and she abused them regularly. She refused the assistance that her neighbors offered, threatening to sell the children if the family was not left alone.
IBESR was able to remove the 5 children, who range in ages from 1-13, and bring them to Ferrier Village. The love and care they received helped improve their physical and mental health until they were able to be placed with family members with the means and desire to care for them.
The ability of Ferrier Village to play this role in the community is vital.

Sponsorship Update

36 total children in community
128/180 sponsorships
52 sponsorships available

1,008 meals served each week (37 children and 11 staff members)
12,096 meals served this quarter
Clean Water
37 children and 11 staff receiving clean water
Medical Care
36 children receiving medical care as needed
37 Children currently enrolled in program
Preschool opened in September! 60 children are currently enrolled, and a daily meal program will start in Q4!
Job Creation
2 Directors, 7 house moms, 1 cook employed full-time.
1 Substitute house mom, 1 cook employed part-time.
12 Teachers employed at Ferrier School
Project Updates
Completed construction of community garden and final 3 homes, which will allow us to rescue 15 more children!
Began construction of wall for community garden.
Solar power for school and village
Renovations and additions to Primary School

HAITI – Pestel Village

A community development initiative in the mountains of Haiti’s southern peninsula. Pestel Village serves as a home for orphaned and vulnerable children. It will also serve as a community hub, investing in future generations through education and development.

General Overview

Pestel Village is situated high in the mountains and is cut off from access to many daily needs. Many residents were once coffee and fruit farmers, but the dropout of the international market has left them without jobs for many years. The goal of our work in Pestel is to meet some of the most immediate needs of the community, while also working to create long-term solutions towards sustainability. So far, Help One Now’s local leader Gaétan Alcégaire has started 3 churches, 2 schools, and a children’s home in the area to care for those in need.

Impact Stories

This quarter saw the beginning of construction on the perimeter wall for Pestel Village. This wall will provide the proper security necessary to begin construction on all other projects, including the chicken farm, water cistern, and the eventual new dormitories for the children.
The construction has provided jobs for 15 men from the community for at least the next few months. These men did not have much work before and would often have to travel to Port-Au-Prince for weeks at a time just to find enough work to get by. They are now able to have a steady income and provide for their families while staying at home.

Sponsorship Update

13 total children in community
32/65 sponsorships filled
33 sponsorships available

315 meals served a week
3,780 meals served this quarter
15 people receiving meals
112 Students currently enrolled in 2 schools using temporary, tent-like facilities
Project Updates
Help One Now is in the planning stages of a new clean water system for the community, and we are also planning to help Pastor Gaetan start a chicken farm.
Top 3 Needs/Priorities
Creation of a clean water system for community
Teacher salaries for 2 new classrooms
Construction of dormitories for children

HAITI – Yahve Shamma Village

A community development initiative in Petionville, Haiti, that serves as a home for 32 orphaned children and a community hub investing in future generations through education and development.

General Overview

Yahve Shamma Village, under the leadership of HON local leader Gaétan Alcégaire, has been thriving over the last few months. It sees to 24/7 care of over 30 children, children who were formerly abandoned or without a home and family. There are now also over 375 children attending Williamson Adrien Academy every day, many of whom had never been able to afford to go to school. The work of Pastor Gaétan and his church has made lasting impact in the community around them, and not only for this generation but for many more to come.

Impact Story

School at Williamson Adrien Academy is officially back in session for the 2015-2016 school year! This year has seen a massive increase in the number of students who are able to come and receive a quality education each day, from 240 to nearly 375. This has expanded the reach of how the school and church can impact the community. Another benefit is that it has created the opportunity for an increase in tuition income, which will eventually lead to a self-sustaining school. The work of Pastor Gaétan through Yahve Shamma and Williamson Adrien continues to be a major blessing to the community around him and his work is constantly expanding to reach many others around Haiti.

Sponsorship Update
29 children in the community
95/145 sponsorships filled
50 sponsorships available

1,120 meals served per week
13,440 meals served this quarter
32 children and 8 staff members served each day
375 students currently enrolled in school at Williamson Adrien Academy (an increase of over 50%!)
Job Creation
20 teachers/ staff employed full-time
Project Updates
School is back in session and enrollment is up!
Top 3 Needs/Priorities
Completion of construction of three new classrooms
Providing a hot meal for every student at Williamson Adrien Academy each school day New dormitory for children of Yahve Shamma

SOUTH AFRICA – Maubane & Reagoboka

An orphan prevention & family empowerment initiative in partnership with Take Action Ministries focused on education, health care, economic opportunity, and spiritual development in order to transform communities and keep vulnerable children with their families.

#TenDollarTribe Update
159 members
$1,368 donated per month
600 lives are impacted
Impact Stories
Bongane, a 7 year old 1st grader, has been coming to the Reagoboka Drop-in Centre for 2 years. His grandmother, with whom he lives following the loss of his mother, initially couldn’t afford the preschool fees, but Elizabeth Ndimande and the Reagoboka leaders took him in anyway. Now, he eats breakfast and lunch at the Centre everyday, and he also receives tutoring and help with his schoolwork. The growth that he has shown because of his involvement with our leaders has been wonderful to see; his shyness has been replaced with joy and HOPE.

Maubane Impact Data

1,350 meals served each week
193 children served
Job Creation
With the Operational Budget funding from the #TenDollarTribe, Maubane has been able to give a gratuity to the 9 caregivers helping at the aftercare program in the afternoons
Terry, Obed and Moses have continued to be employed for the labour on the building of the 2 room Office and Storeroom building
There are 20 Community members that have their own patch in the garden. They were taught how to use grey water (from washing) with a drip-irrigation system to help their gardens grow in the winter months when water is scarce. This is a source of food and income for these families.
Reagoboka Impact Data
1,740 meals served each week
174 children served
The Centre also supports 5 of the neediest families in the community with food parcels every month
Early childhood development (ECD) classes for 40 children
134 children receive assistance with homework and tutoring as part of their afterschool program
Opportunity to play on the playground and soccer field at the Centre, developing their gross-motor skills
Job Creation
The Centre currently employs 21 Staff members and, through government grants, are now able to pay the stipends for all of them
Six community members have been employed to help build two classrooms

ETHIOPIA – Gunchire

An orphan prevention, family empowerment, and community development initiative in partnership with the Kidmia Foundation. These projects focus on education, health care, economic opportunity, and spiritual development in order to keep vulnerable children with their families.

General Overview

Help One Now, in partnership with Kidmia and under the leadership of Help One Now local leader Aschalew Abebe, is keeping families together in Gunchire Ethiopia. In this quarter, 178 children and their families were served, resourced, trained and empowered.

Impact Story

Birknesh lost her husband to HIV when her youngest child, Medahanit, was only 5 years old. Very soon after his passing, she became too sick to care for Medahanit or her other children, so Kidmia, Help One Now’s local partner in Ethiopia, stepped in to help. Medahanit went to live at the Kidmia transition home, while Birknesh was provided with life-changing ARV drugs. Once Birknesh was able to work again, she entered Kidmia’s small business training program and began selling blankets, bedcovers, and clothes.

Soon, Birknesh was able to care for her children, and once the children returned home, Kidmia provided a milk cow and trained Birknesh in integrated garden development. Now, Birknesh has a retail shop in Gunchire, a productive garden, and a thriving family.

The most amazing thing about her story is that she has even applied to adopt one of the other children living at Kidmia. Help One Now’s passion for family empowerment, reunification of families, and local adoptions are all evident in the lives of Birknesh and her family!

Sponsorship Update
178 total children in community
285/362 sponsorships filled
50 children have had their documentation completed and will join the sponsorship program soon
Job Creation
8 of the neediest families in Gunchire were carefully selected for the family empowerment program to be implemented in the next quarter and proper documentation is being made. The selection was made by a joint committee drawn from the district office of women, children and youth Affairs, district office of administration, district office of finance and economic development as well as Kidmia project staff.

During this period, each child received 22 lbs of wheat, 13lbs of teff (an Ethiopian grain), and 5L food oil, for a total of 3,924 lbs of wheat, 2,336 lbs of teff, and 910L of food oil given to provide 3,738 meals a week. This translates to nearly 45,000 meals provided this quarter!
Medical Care
178 children given general health assessment by program nurse
178 children trained on prevention of communicable diseases
50 children received medical treatment along with prescribed medication
45 Children that struggle with psychological, social and behavioral issues received intensive counseling services.
178 children received 12 exercise books and 12 pens each. That’s over 4,200 exercise books and pens!
178 children were offered the opportunity to participate in sports games, playground access times and a community get together
178 children were trained in life skills including playing well and safe with others, problem solving skills, communication skills, time management skills and money management skills
178 children were trained on sexuality and reproductive health
178 children trained on environmental preservation and rehabilitation.
Top 3 Needs/Priorities
Expanding the Family Empowerment Program to more families
Establishment of school libraries for 5 schools in the Gunchire area. The libraries will also be used as a public library for people who would like to read
Provide desks, black boards, and other teaching materials for 2 selected schools in the local district

Zimbabwe – Musha Wevana Village, Marondera

An orphan care initiative, providing a home and holistic care for 88 orphaned and abandoned children. Musha Wevana strives to provide the resources for children to thrive physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

General Overview

Musha Wevana continues to provide a stable home for the orphans and the children are cared for in a safe environment. Furthermore, our passion is to reunite children with their family whenever possible. Whenever such a reunification is made, the Musha Wevana staff monitors the situation to ensure the safety of the children.

Impact Story

Pretty Tendai was burnt and then abandoned by her mother as a young girl. Despite this, she has a fine sense of humor, is a good influence on the other children in the orphanage, and strives hard at every opportunity. She is receiving extra English lessons, attends a Monday evening prayer and worship group, and, after learning how to crochet, is hard at work crocheting a blanket for her bed. Her involvement at Musha Wevana has changed her life!

Sponsorship Update
88 total children in community
102/445 sponsorships filled
343 sponsorships available

1,890 meals served weekly
22,680 meals served this quarter
79 children and 11 staff served
Clean Water
79 children, 11 staff, and 25 families—approximately 200 people—are receiving clean water from Musha Wevana.
Medical Care
In the last quarter 15 children have received medical care from local clinic or hospital 79 children have received clothing and or personal hygiene items
76 children have received formal education in the last quarter
34 exam candidates received extra lessons
76 Children received books and school supplies from Help One Now
Job Creation
The 2 entrepreneurial projects that Help One Now has funded are the peanut butter making business and the chicken business. These projects are both operated by the children at Musha Wevana. The projects are both running well and the children are learning valuable entrepreneurial skills. The jars of peanut butter and eggs are sold in the local community. The children are learning valuable skills that will help them transition to adulthood
There are 8 house-mothers, 2 gardeners and 1 administrator who receive salaries from funds received from Help One Now
Top 3 Needs/Priorities
Vehicle for Musha Wevana reunification program
Renovations to Musha Wevana playground to include activities for younger children Vocational Training and Transition Program

UGANDA – His Mercy Christian School, Mayuge and Jinja

An education and community development initiative, providing quality education to more than 300 children in the Mayuge District of Uganda. It is also a community hub, investing in future generations through education and development.

General Overview

This quarter, our teachers were exposed to different teacher training seminars in Kampala and also from the District Education officers in Mayuge. Our children visited the agricultural show/trade fair located in Jinja town to enrich their learning experiences. Also, plans to recruit a project Director are still underway, and many of our children are doing their final end of year exams.

Impact Story

Nabirye Scovia is a 13 year old girl living in Kikubo Village, and she’s currently in primary 6. When she was very young, she was left with her aunt after her father passed away and her mother abandoned her. Aidan, her aunt, is a peasant farmer and was unable to afford school fees for Scovia and her 8 siblings. After Pastor Edward was able to enroll her into the Help One Now sponsorship program, she was able to attend His Mercy School, where she receives a quality education, spiritual guidance, and the provision of her basic needs without worry. Now, she’s one of the highest performance students in her class. Despite the challenges she faced in her past, she has a bright future!

Sponsorship Update
258 total children
187/516 sponsorships filled
329 sponsorships available
Top Needs/Priorities
Upgrades to School Facilities, including the construction of a girl’s dormitory and furnishing the school library.
Build, stock, and staff School Clinic
A motorcycle for our new incoming Project Manager
Continue to build homes for vulnerable families in Jinja


286 children – the entire school community – now receives breakfast and lunch meals while school is in session. Of those, 45 children eat 3 meals a day at the school, including weekends and during school holidays.
This means 2,852 meals a week and 34,225 meals this quarter
Clean Water
410 people receiving access to clean water
Medical Care
38 children received medical care for: malaria, wounds and minor ailments 43 children received soap, sanitary pads, Vaseline, toothpaste, and other personal hygiene items
268 children received a formal education this quarter
268 children received school supplies this quarter
16 Teachers attended three training seminars this reporting period
Job Creation
16 teachers collected salaries funded by Help One Now


504 meals served a week
6,048 meals served this quarter
24 people served
Clean Water
40 people are receiving access to clean water
Medical Care
14 children received treatment for malaria or general illness
22 children received personal hygiene supplies
56 children received formal education and received school supplies this quarter.
56 children received school supplies this quarter.

PERU – Colegio Kairos, Iquitos

An education and community development initiative, providing quality education to 500 students. It is also a community hub, investing in future generations through education and development.

General Overview

School is in full swing, and under the leadership of Help One Now local leaders Mercedes & Willie Malpartida, we currently have 100 students receiving school tuition and 45 students receiving a hot meal each school day. The students are from the poorest areas of Iquitos. Their families are working hard to survive, and the opportunity for a quality education is a huge blessing. Kairos is working to make improvements to the school facilities. The school’s good reputation is growing. They have high expectations for teachers and students alike, and we are excited to invest more deeply in this partnership over the coming months and years.

Impact story

David Elaluff is a student who recently graduated from Colegio Kairos. He grew up in Belén, which is one of the poorest communities in Iquitos. His father abandoned him at an early age, and his mother did not have the means to care for him. But he was taken in and supported by Kairos’ scholarship program so that he could attend school and have a healthy meal to eat every day. He excelled while in school and graduated at the top of his class. This fall he was able to start university, which is very uncommon for the children of Belén. He has done very well so far, and he has been a great example of working hard and pursuing your dreams to the children at Colegio Kairos and of Belén.

Sponsorship Update

44 total children in community
28/88 sponsorships filled
59 sponsorships available
275 meals served per week
3,300 meals served this quarter
55 students receiving breakfast and lunch each school day
100 children currently receiving tuition and a quality education because of the Help One Now child sponsorship program
Top 3 Needs/Priorities:
50 new child sponsorships
Improvements to San Juan Campus, including 2 new classrooms and new bathroom facilities
Improvements to Grau Campus, including new bathroom facilities for school staff and preschoolers