2014 Annual Report

Letter From The CEO

2014 is over; it is hard to believe how quickly time passes. On many levels, 2014 was our best year ever as an organization. I’m not talking just about revenue; rather, the foundation that we have is strong, healthy, and prepared for long-term impact. This is always the goal. On May 19th, 2015, we turn 6 years old as an organization. Still young, yet we have had some time to learn, gain insights, and gather data, and I’m happy to say that our model is working. Empowering high capacity local leaders, caring for vulnerable and orphaned kids, and transforming communities through spiritual development, healthcare, job creation and education is making an impact in sustainable ways that can break the cycle of extreme poverty!

What’s Next?

1. Community Impact Centers: We’re going to shift some of our language, but our goal now is to launch Community Impact Centers (CIC) around the globe. These centers will be led by high-capacity local leaders. Each center will have it’s own unique context as we believe that every community has a unique story. 2. Transition Program: In ten years, I want Help One Now to be leading one of the best transition programs in the world. What does this mean? In our communities, the kids are getting older; some have already transitioned into adulthood. In the next two to three years, many of the kids we serve today will be adults.

I want these kids to have a simple but powerful process to follow, so they can become amazing men and women who have opportunities to flourish and become leaders and change agents in their communities. I can’t imagine a better way to make a long term, sustainable impact than investing in our children’s future.

3. Our Team: Help One Now has a brilliant team of women and men who are truly “moving the needle forward.” They are passionate, committed, brave, and competent. As a team, we are fully committed to building a world-class non-profit that is not based on how much we raised but rather how much of an impact did we make? Our team consists of our board members, staff, and amazing local leaders with whom we partner around the world and we are continuing to build our team. 4. Our Tribe: We have churches, individuals, and businesses. I’m confident that we have the best tribe in the world.   I want to thank each of you for your commitment to doing good and doing it well. You go, you give, you advocate on our behalf. It’s amazing and humbling as we continue to see the tribe grow. Without you, we are nothing! I feel more now than ever that Help One Now has an opportunity to really make a global impact. It is going to take some insane work, a lot of prayer, and deep focus, but we are on the verge. We are building the infrastructure and we have a healthy and strong foundation in place. In 2015, please know that we will wake up each day, and do our best to move the mission forward, struggle for progress, and build something beautiful together.


























Overall Community Impact

507,295 nutritious meals served in 2014

9,755 meals each week

1,390meals each day


13,871people served in 2014


in our 12 communities

Nearly 2,000 Children

attending school and getting a quality education and access to clean water.


986 vulnerable families

empowered to stay together through community development projects focused on education, health care, economic opportunity and spiritual care.


new sponsorships in 2014 (total of 1,120 sponsorships in the organization)


Communities Transforming


orphans receiving 24/7 physical, emotional and spiritual care and support


high-capacity local leaders empowered and resourced.


children rescued from trafficking or slavery & 18 children reunified with family


new community development partnerships started in Iquitos, Peru & Pretoria, South Africa


teachers earning salaries and receiving continued education


preschool built

Project Spending Highlights

teacher Help One Classroom


37 teacher salaries for a year


Community Development


Community centers, gardens, homes, jobs for house moms, water, kitchens etc.


Child Sponsorship


in Haiti, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Ethiopia, South Africa, Peru


Ferrier Village Development


rescued 30+ kids, 12 homes, a garden, a preschool, a school, a playground, and employ 20 haitians to run/operate the village.

Sponsorship Status


Gunchire (Ethiopia)


Pestel (Haiti)


Jinja (Uganda)


Drouin (Haiti)


Yahve Shamma (Haiti)


Marondera (Zimbabwe)


Ferrier (Haiti)


Iquitos (Peru)


Total Sponsorship


Jodeline is two years old.

Born near Ouanaminthe, in the northeast corner of Haiti, she has two brothers, Mickenson and Meckendie, and a sister named Katiana. While just a small baby, her mother died, leaving the children to be raised by their father, who was himself crippled and unable to provide for the children…



Seada lost her husband to HIV six years ago. HIV+ herself and without any means to support her three children, her little family skirted the edge of starvation; all three children barely survived. Her oldest son, Siraj, worked 12 hours as a day laborer in place of school, bringing home less than $1 a day. Look at this beautiful boy, trying his hardest to support his family at the age of 8…then 9…still 10…